ICC, Istanbul, Turkey

5 June 2015


10:00 - 11:30 am

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Professional Training at the

JCI European Conference 2015

Philosophical Creativity in Management & Business Development

The training is suitable for:

» Business Owners
» Entrepreneurs
» Directors of companies and enterprises
» Senior and middle management
» Business professionals of various industries
» Team leaders
» Community leaders
» Those who hold passion for development


» The “fascinating” process of thinking and its consequences to our world & business processes.
» Innovation in Business: forgotten examples by the Great Philosophers.
» “You will never step into the same river twice”. What about your business?
» Visual mind-tools for innovation: will the technology makes us stop thinking.
» The challenges of Big Data and the opportunities Technology is providing
» The competitive forces of Europe.
» Business & IT
» Case studies from the today’s business world: Big corporations and SME

Training Summary:

We have to admit that the business world comes to us very often as a world of statistics, spreadsheets, numbers, algorithms, processes measurement, trends, etc. and the complete portfolio of subjects an MBA would probably cover. True, no business will succeed without those. But there is also another side of the coin. Quite bright and needed nowadays. It concerns the things which we are unable to measure. “What would that be?” you will ask. During this training we will examine the fascinating nature of all the changes the world is currently facing and the associated business challenges for us. The success of a business depends on its capacity to make a difference. And you better be first. Most often in a true innovative way. You got me right – to stay away from the clichés, indeed. Let’s see what the “creative” methods and models of the great ancient philosophers can teach us on that!

Temelko Dechev

Temelko Dechev

Head Trainer

Temelko Dechev is a Business Development Strategist, Sales & Marketing Manager, JCI Board Officer and he does like to turn good ideas into reality. He has 10+ years strategic experience in various business sectors and industries across Europe. Ha has also been a delegate at the 15th World Business Dialogue, the European Parliament and has been member of Junior Chamber International for 4 years now. Temelko is a founding member of JCI Varna, Bulgaria and in 2014 served his organization as National President. He has delivered various trainings in Portugal, Bulgaria, UK and Austria. As of now he works in London for one of the biggest Real Estate companies in UK, Martin & Co and is also involved in Management Consulting projects at OSM International Group. He likes to spend his spare time swimming, at the court, playing tennis, on a plane, reaching a new destination or enjoying refreshing mojitos with friends. Temelko believes that any self-sufficient business needs true innovation processes which generate value added, contributing our life.

OSM International Group is a USA based, management consulting company with existing offices in Europe, Latin America and Asia, offering unique analysing tools and business development methods with proven results for over 25 years. We can sustainably improve any kind of business operations, no matter the market, the economy conditions or the business cycles.

“Panta Rei. You can’t step into the same river twice. So does your business.”

“Deductive reasoning works from the more general to the more specific. Inductive reasoning works the other way. Which one do you use to be innovative and creative in your business?”

“Paradox: a statement, image or idea that seems to contradict itself but may nonetheless be true”

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